Election Analysis

Election Analysis


  • GEA is a fully dynamic website managed by GISMaark.
  • GEA provides all need full information to election candidates.
  • GEA a connects provides complete last 3 terms election analysis with booth level voting data.
  • GEA connects candidates with our dedicated technical team 24/7.
  • GEA dynamic updates provides each and every movement in the constituency.
  • GEA provides social media connectivity.
  • GEA a provides ground level report with our dedicated team.
  • GEA provides winning plans, speech point, voter details, etc.
  • GEA provides complete constituency maps with details.
  • GEA works as a backbone of the candidates.


  • Make all information available at one point. No more browsing & Searching.
  • By providing WebPages to Govt. schools/ colleges Promoting and encouraging them.
  • No more confusion about constituency boundaries, ward boundary, pooling booth. We provide accurate maps.
  • Accurate social media promotion. Connecting people online.
  • With last 3 terms election analysis reports easy to identify voters and to target.
  • We provide useful and executable manifesto and we make sure that reaches all voters in the constituency.
  • We market your thoughts and profile so that each and every voters get know about candidate details.

What we provide

  • Maps
  • Previous 3 terms election analysis report
  • AC Details
  • Social Media
  • Analysis Charts
  • Ground Reports
  • Voters Details
  • It support
  • Calendar
  • Speech tag
  • Issues
  • Website
  • Documentation

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