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Who we are

GISMaark Consultancy Services is a creative Web Development, Branding, Marketing & GIS Services Company. Our services encompass in various segments ranging from website development, GIS Mapping solutions & online marketing.

Our vision

Our success is dependent on ensuring that all of our clients expand their online presence and enjoy online success. We will excel as a company only after we help our clients businesses achieve their business objectives effectively and efficiently.

Our mission

At one point of contact, our valued clients can get all the required solutions. We provide innovative and effective solutions at the right time and most competitive price. We offer superior quality service and after sales service, which keeps us ahead of tough competitions.

Our Values

Committed to Customer Satisfaction, A knowledge-driven company, Building solutions that create rewarding results, Client centric strategies

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01. Experts in their Regions

This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and dial in the details. Understanding the task at hand and ironing out the wrinkles is key.

02. Investment Ideas

The time has come to bring those ideas and plans to life. This is where we really begin to visualize your napkin sketches and make them into beautiful pixels.

03. Premium Service

Now that we've aligned the details, it's time to get things mapped out and organized. This part is really crucial in keeping the project in line to completion.

04. Your Control

Whether through commerce or just an experience to tell your brand's story, the time has come to start using development languages that fit your projects needs.

05. Professional Support

Now that your brand is all dressed up and ready to party, it's time to release it to the world. By the way, let's celebrate already.

06. Maintenance

We get it, you're busy and it's important that someone keeps up with marketing and driving people to your brand. We've got you covered.

The Benefits of Working with GISMaark

01. Setting Team Expectations

Setting proper team expectations and accountability has become one of the most impactful things to my business.

02. Managing Without Ego

Solid operations come from management who can admit when their systems are failing and are willing to change to improve.

03. Having a Clear Process

Having a clear process that every team member understands is extremely important.

04. Creating a Foolproof Foundation

ou have to start at the very base of your business in order to build a successful enterprise from it — and for me that is having a solid core team.

05. Soliciting Feedback From Your Team

To build a solid set of processes for your business a lot has to align. But the bigger you scale, the more you’ll likely need to delegate.

06. Keeping Everything Transparent

Yeah, I know it’s a buzz world. But I truly believe in the power of transparency to build solid operations.

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Raghavendra N A

Founder & CEO

I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, whose continued patronage and confidence in our products inspires us to extend the best of services and enables us to provide value for their money.

We plan to achieve this goal through our strength - the Employees; and seek their continuous involvement in achieving the Company's objectives.

I therefore, seek continued patronage of our valued customers, cooperation of our employees and thank our well-wishers who have contributed to the growth of the organization.


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"We Believe in Hard Work"
"We Make Things Happen"


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